Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dean Jim Chen Visits the LL.M. Program

On November 1, Dean Jim Chen, visiting as part of our Day with a Dean program delivered a lecture in our Food Law and Policy course based on his article, Beyond Food and Evil.

In this article, and in his presentation, Dean Chen discussed the tensions between the FDA acting under its authority pursuant to the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act and the USDA acting under its authority pursuant to the Organic Foods Production Act. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are at the heart of this tension.

Dean Chen also addressed the Agricultural Finance & Credit class, presenting his article, Around the World in Eighty Centileters. In this article, and in Dean Chen's lecture, he discussed the interplay of trade, taxation (particularly through regulation and subsidy), and social justice. He used the typical North American coffee service, a carafe of coffee with cream and sugar on the side, to illustrate his analysis and to pointedly criticize certain aspects of U.S. farm policy.

Dean Chen's visit characterized the complex and controversial aspects of issues related to food and agriculture, and his analysis produced many good after-class discussions.

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