Saturday, August 2, 2008

Farm Blogs From Around the World

I was pleased to receive an email a few weeks back from the author of a new blog called Farm Blogs that gathers together links to the very best of global blogging about farms and farming. It includes a blog roll sorted by country along with a General Interest section (where we are linked). Posts are made up of blog recommendations by other farm bloggers combined with farming stories from around the world. There are a number of very interesting posts and some beautiful photography.

The author of this blog and the source of my email is author Ian Walthew of Auvergne, France. He describes his use of blogs "much as one might use a scrapbook or a cuttings folder - a 'scrap-blogger' you could say, using blogs to gather and collate material for future use."

Ian invites readers of the post to send him the details of any farm/rural blogs that they like and think are worthy of being listed. Any recommendation should come with a short decription of the person recommending and a short description of each of their recommended blogs. Contact Ian at for more information and to make your recommendation.

Note that Ian is the author of 'A Place in My Country: In Search of a Rural Dream' (Weidenfeld & Nicolson; hardback, 2007; Phoenix; paperback, 2008. The book is a memoir of his move to rural life in England where many of the changes he discovers are similar to that experienced in rural areas here. Clover Stroud of The Sunday Telegraph writes that the book is "Funny, touching and ultimately very moving; this is a beautiful, unsentimental account of a personal loss that is reflected in the rapidly changing texture of life in rural England." We will add this book to our list of suggested titles for our spring Agricultural Perspectives course.

In addition to Farm Blogs, Ian also blogs at 'A Place in the Auvergne' - a "scrap-blog" that follows his life as a self-described English ex-urbanite with his Australian wife in rural France. Good stories, political and social commentary with an international perspective, and again, beautiful pictures.

We are pleased that Ian found us and happy to pass on this information about his work. I am sure you will enjoy reading about his experiences.

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