Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Advanced Agricultural Law Research

Each fall semester, LL.M. candidates have the opportunity to take a course in advanced agricultural law research. This practical course provides a variety of helpful research tips and acquaints the candidates with some of the specialized agricultural law resources available. The course also assists candidates in getting started on their writing project - completion of a research article is one of the requirements for the LL.M. degree.

As part of the Advanced Agricultural Law Research class, guest speakers make presentations to the class, bringing special expertise. Jason Springman, Reference Librarian at the Young Law Library was a guest lecturer on the issue of online resources for research and provided very helpful information. And, this last week, two professors from the School of Law's legal writing program, Kathy Samson and Karen Koch made a special presentation on plagiarism and originality in legal writing. They delivered a PowerPoint presentation and answered student questions on the proper use of sources, proper attribution, and other legal writing issues. Their insight was greatly appreciated.

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