Thursday, October 30, 2008

American Agricultural Law Conference

I was pleased to accompany 8 of our LL.M. candidates on a trip to Minneapolis to attend the American Agricultural Law Association Annual Educational Symposium, October 24-25, 2008. This conference brings together great friends and colleagues and is always a good opportunity to learn and to share perspectives on agricultural law developments.

This year, there were over 210 attendees at the conference, and I was delighted to see over twenty of our LL.M. alumni among those attending. I also had an opportunity to meet with a number of prospective LL.M. program applicants - enthusiastic law students and attorneys anxious to be able to come to Fayetteville to study with us.

I was honored to have two opportunities to participate in the conference. I delivered a Food Law Update to the general session and later moderated a panel that discussed legal issues involving organic production.

It was a great opportunity for this year's LL.M. candidates to meet agricultural law professionals from across the United States and several international countries. Appreciation is extended to the University of Arkansas Graduate School for assisting with travel expenses. Because the candidates participated in a poster display at the conference, they were eligible for travel funding through the graduate school. And, they did an amazing job on their posters.

Here is a link to an album showing the posters designed by the LL.M. candidates who attended the conferece, Aaron Thompson, Andrew Hopper, Angela Boyd, Ashley Schweizer, Jera Houghtaling, Kimberly Clark, Paul Goerenger, and Qiana Wilson.

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