Monday, December 8, 2008

Professor Hamilton Suggested as Secretary of Agriculture

This in from a December 5, 2008 Press Release from Drake University about our friend and visiting professor:
Neil Hamilton, the Dwight D. Opperman chair of law and director of the Agricultural Law Center at Drake University, has been suggested as a "sustainable choice for the next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture."
Hamilton is among six top picks for the cabinet position recommended by nearly 90 notable figures in the world of sustainable agriculture and food who signed a letter sent to the Obama transition team earlier this week. The letter is posted on the New York Times Web site.

The letter was mentioned yesterday in the New York Times Blog on Dining Out, which noted that "The hope is that the new secretary will be less aligned with industrial agribusiness and commodity farming than secretaries past. And if he or she embraces the connection between food health and the environment, well, that's all the better."

"I'm honored to be considered, although I'm not looking for a job. In fact, I have one of the best jobs in the world," Hamilton said. "I've had no official inquiries from the transition team, but I certainly would welcome the opportunity to serve the Obama administration in any way that I could."

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