Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rural Lands, Rural Livelihoods Course including Wind Energy

Next week, we will be offering a new class in the LL.M. Program - Rural Lands, Rural Livelihoods. This class will present some of the newest issues on the horizon in agricultural law, and we are very pleased to add it to our LL.M. curriculum.

Professor Neil Hamilton, a well recognized leader in the study of agricultural law and its part in our food system and a regular visiting professor in the LL.M. Program, will be teaching the course. Professor Hamilton is the Dwight D. Opperman Chair of Law at the Drake University School of Law in Des Moines, Iowa and also serves as the Director of the Drake Agricultural Law Center.

Professor Hamilton is one of only a very few law professors nationwide that have developed a wind energy law school course, and we are delighted to have him offer an overview of this emerging topic as part of the new course.

After the discussion of wind energy, the course will focus on other important aspects of rural development. Given Professor Hamilton's close connection with USDA Secretary Vilsack, we anticipate that a discussion of the new administration and its agricultural, food law, and rural development initiatives will be woven into the course discussion. Professor Hamilton co-taught a similar class with then Governor Vilsack at Drake Law School last summer.

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