Saturday, June 20, 2009

Local Foods Campaign in South Carolina

We have been delighted to hear from Beth Crocker, General Counsel to the Department of Agriculture in South Carolina, and an alumnus of the LL.M. Program. Beth has been keeping us informed about the very successful local food movement that the SC Department of Agriculture is fostering - they offer South Carolina (SC) certified labeling and are sponsoring the Palmettovore campaign. South Carolina is the "Palmetto State" and Palmetovores is a take-off on locavores to apply to those who seek to eat SC produced and processed foods. One of the most entertaining aspects of their campaign are the SC fruit rallies and accompanying videos. I encourage you to check out their website and the wonderful video they produced. It is one of the best done and entertaining campaigns I have seen. I love Tom Tomato. Beth, can you get me an autographed photo? The campaign is fun, and the message is great. And, their efforts were recently showcased in an informative television special on South Carolina Public Television, Farming in South Carolina. Great work, Beth.

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