Saturday, October 24, 2009

Janie Hipp Serves as the New Director of RME

LL.M. Alumus, Janie Hipp has moved from her position as a National Program Leader at CSREES/USDA to now serve as Director of the Risk Management Education Division in USDA's Risk Management Agency. Her office continues to be in Washington, D.C., although she also maintains her home and her network of friends and colleagues here in Northwest Arkansas. Janie made a presentation on her work to last year's LL.M. class and has agreed to do a repeat performance again this year. Congratulations, Janie!

As explained on the USDA website for the Risk Management Agency, "The mission of Risk Management Education (RME) is to lead a comprehensive educational program that assists producers and agribusinesses in understanding their increased risk exposure and responsibility in the current economic environment; to understand and make effective use of risk management tools and strategies, and to integrate these strategies in decisionmaking that enables them to meet business, personal and community goals."

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