Sunday, December 20, 2009

Professor Lisa Pruitt Speaks on Rural Issues

Special Presentations: Rural-urban Identity Issues / CEDAW and Rural Women

Professor Lisa Pruitt, of U.C. Davis School of Law delivered two presentations, the first on rural-urban identity issues in the context of recent political divisions. The second involved rural women in developing countries and their role in food production. The latter presentation focused on her recent article, Migration, Development & the Promise of CEDAW for Rural Women, on Art.14 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, published in the MICHIGAN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW. Professor Pruitt is an alumna of the University of Arkansas School of Law and was Editor-in-Chief of the Arkansas Law Review.
Professor Lisa Pruitt's career spans the globe, literally and figuratively. Before joining the UC Davis law faculty in 1999, she worked abroad for almost a decade in settings ranging from international organizations to private practice. Pruitt worked with lawyers in more than 30 countries, negotiating cultural conflicts in several arenas. It is not surprising that a common theme of her research interests is how law and legal institutions manage and respond to cultural difference and cultural change.
Professor Pruitt's work in rural studies, integrating the law and rural culture connects her to our work in agricultural and food law. She has been a great friend to the LL.M. Program and serves as a great inspiration to us. Be sure to follow her Legal Ruralism blog.

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