Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ron McCormick Speaks on Wal-Mart Heritage & Sustainability Programs

We were pleased to host Ron McCormick, Senior Director for Local & Sustainable Produce Sourcing at Wal-Mart for a presentation in our Food, Farming & Sustainability course this morning. 

Mr. McCormick is one of the architects of Wal-Mart's Heritage Agriculture program, a program that seeks to reintroduce specialty crop agriculture to areas where it once was located, but has since been displaced.  Heritage Agriculture is key to Wal-Mart's goal of connecting directly with farmers and to sell more locally sources fruits and vegetables.  Mr. McCormick delivered an interesting and informative presentation about Wal-Mart's local sourcing initiatives, their link to sustainability, and the key partnerships envisioned between retailers and producers.  He stressed his belief that there was a window of opportunity for a new agriculture to be created and built into our food system, and that the actions we take now will be critical to having a sustainable food system in the future.  The LL.M. candidates asked many questions and continued to engage in discussion with him long after class ended.  Our appreciation is extended to Mr. McCormick -  it was a great class that discussed many important and very timely topics.

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