Thursday, February 3, 2011

News from the Class of 2011

We always keep our LL.M. candidates quite busy with their academic work.  Our alumni will attest to this!  

But, this year's class has somehow found time for a wide variety of activities outside of the classroom.  They are an energetic and eclectic group.  Here are just a few examples.  More to be posted later . . .  it is hard to keep up with them!

Marie David is a consultant for the Gates Foundation. Her task is to identify opportunities for small scale African farmers to increase their income through improved market access. The goal of the project is to triple the income of 150 million farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  
Claire Mitchell writes for Food Safety News.  Her articles can be found on her author page.  She also volunteers at Habitat for Humanity here in Fayetteville.

Dorian Slaybod is a DJ at the UA campus student radio station, KXUA, 88.3 FM and also serves as Music Director. He compiled podcasts of his shows on a blog, The Essential with D.Marley, where he promises to play" all the songs you love, but just haven't heard yet." Dorian also blogs on agricultural labor issues in the news on his Agricultural Labor blog.

Allison Waldrip writes for the agricultural law blog sponsored by the National Agricultural Law Center and the American Agricultural Law Association.  And, she is a very talented vocalist, performing for the Razorback athletics events, singing the national anthem before games.

Lauren Medoff has written articles for the Agricultural Law Update, the newsletter of the American Agricultural Law Association and just started a new blog will alert readers to new food law developments, Food Law & Policy.

Jason Foscolo has a forthcoming article in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development. He is doing pro bono consulting with local farmers as well as participating in the Town of Fayetteville Environmental Subcommittee on sustainable agriculture. Jason also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Arkansas.  Jason and David Jackson were both invited to present at the Annual Conference of the Agricultural History Society in Illinois. The conference topic: Quality versus Quantity: Competing Visions of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Life.

We have all learned a great deal from our international candidates - Professor Tae Huan Keum from The Republic of Korea, and Alexandra Gaintseva and Maxim Gubarev from Russia.

And then there was the kickball team last fall  . . .  not everyone was up to that particular challenge, but those participating had a lot of fun.   We are all having a lot of fun with this class!  Bios of the full class are posted at Introduction to the Class of 2011.

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