Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nationally Recognized Water Law Professor James Corbridge Visits LL.M. Program

We had a special guest lecturing in the LL.M. Program yesterday as part of our Food, Farming, & Sustainability class.  Professor of Law Emeritus and Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Colorado Boulder, James Corbridge, Jr. presented on issues of Water Law and Agricultural Water Use.

Professor Corbridge is a widely recognized scholar in water law and natural resources law, with numerous publications including Vranesh's Colorado Water Law, 2001, 2003, and 2005 Supplements, Univ. of Colorado Press (with T. Rice and S. Corbridge); and, Water Resources Management: A Casebook in Law and Public Policy (Fifth ed.) (with A.d. Tarlock and D. Getches) (2002).

Professor Corbridge serves on the Advisory Board of the Journal of International Law; the Advisory Board of the Denver University Water Law Review; and serves on the Board of Directors of the Natural Resources Law Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  In addition, he is a Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee of the Grand Lake Watershed Alliance Foundation.  

Professor Corbridge received his A.B. degree from Brown University and his L.L. B. degree from Yale Law School. He is now retired from full time teaching and lives in Oklahoma where he continues to be active with water law issues.

The LL.M. class had the opportunity to learn basic principles of water law in the context of current and critical water resource issues.  Topics of discussion included conflicts between municipal and agricultural water use, the sale of water rights, unsustainable use of aquifer resources, and conservation efforts.

After class, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Professor Corbridge and discuss our LL.M. curriculum with him.  We hope to add him to our list of distinguished visitors with a full credit Water Law & Agriculture course next year.

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