Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Korean Friend and Colleague

Last year, about this time, we met Professor Tae Huan Keum when he first arrived in Fayetteville.  He had chosen to attend the LL.M. Program as a degree candidate for his sabbatical project.  Professor Keum came to us with a distinguished record.  He serves as a Law Professor, teaching Administrative Law and Agricultural Law in the College of Law at Yeunganam University in the Republic of Korea.  Professor Keum earned his LL.B. degree, an LL.M. degree in Administrative Law, and an LL.D. degree in Administrative Law from Seoul National University, Republic of Korea.  He has an excellent publication record, with a number of articles on American law topics.

We thoroughly enjoyed Professor Keum's contribution to the LL.M. Program.  He did extremely well in all of his coursework, and he completed his thesis this summer, drafting a comprehensive review of the controversy involving U.S. beef trade with Korea and BSE concerns.  His hard work, professionalism, and dedication to learning was an inspiration to us all.

Last night I received a wonderful email from our friend, Professor Keum.  He reports that he is now back in Korea, settling back into his life as a law professor.  He thanks everyone for "one year's wonderful experience in Fayetteville" and notes that he was introduced to "American agriculture, smart students, enthusiastic professors, and the Razorback Football team. . . . From the Introduction to the Law of Food Agriculture class to all the classes including Food, Farming, and Sustainability, I was given new insights and was made to consider what the solution is for the problems of agriculture."

Professor Keum will soon be working on a book on Agriculture Law in Korea, and this October, he will be presenting on a “comparison between Korean agriculture and American agriculture” at an academic conference.

Professor Keum thanked all of the "smart colleagues" in his classes for their great kindness in helping him with translation issues.  And, he concluded, "I can say my sabbatical was wonderful, and I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to seeing you in Korea and repaying your kindness."  What a wonderful gift he gave to our Program -  we now all have a distinguished friend in Korea.

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