Saturday, November 19, 2011

David Lambert Visits Food, Farming, & Sustainability Class

We were privileged to have a special guest visit the LL.M. Program last week.  David Lambert was in Fayetteville as a guest of the Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences, and he offered to stop by the LL.M. Program to talk to our class.  He has been an enthusiastic supporter of our efforts to link food, agriculture, and the law in a way that is helpful to the problems of hunger, environmental problems, and sustainability.

David is recognized internationally as an expert in global food security and the fight against world hunger. A native of Arkansas, David is principal of Lambert Associates, a Washington, D.C., public affairs consulting firm providing strategic policy advice to United Nation’s agencies, land-grant universities and the U.S. private sector on issues related to global food security, child nutrition, food safety and agricultural biotechnology. He also served as Foreign Agricultural Service Counselor to the U.S. Mission to the UN Agencies during the Clinton Administration.

During his visit to our class, David asked critical questions regarding the problems of global hunger.  He presented the alarming statistics on the current condition of global food insecurity.
  • About one billion people are chronically hungry, with inadequate access to food and water
  • 25,000 die of hunger and related causes each day; about nine million each year
  • A child dies of hunger every five seconds
  • More than one billion people live on less than $1 a day
He discussed why we should care about global hunger, what the root causes are, and what policies are needed to address the problems.  And, he discussed the critical role that our LL.M. Program might play in developing the critical link between food, agriculture, and the rule of law.  Only with the appropriate legal infrastructure and equitable laws that are uniformly enforced can we achieve solutions to the problem of global hunger.

David is an outspoken leader on global hunger issues, and we were honored to have him with us.  His moving presentation, The Quest to End Hunger in Our Time: Can Political Will Catch Up with Our Core Values? is available on the Clinton School of Public Service website.  The Journal of Food Law & Policy was pleased to publish his remarks from that presentation.  They are available online courtesy of the Iowa State University Seed Science Center.

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