Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update from Arkansas

Weather seems to be a central part of the discussion all over the country this summer.  From the storms in the northeast to the dry conditions and fires in the west, it's been quite a summer -  and it's only the first week in July!

Thanks to email, Facebook, and Twitter, we have been able to keep in touch with our alumni, and I have gotten some weather/storm reports and assurances that everybody was doing okay.  It's really nice to hear from and to keep in touch with our alums -

As I reported to Baylen Linnekin in our email exchange today, here in Arkansas, we are just hot and dry. It's not dramatic weather, and it would not be unusual for an Arkansas summer, except it's just way too early.  And, it has been really hot and very dry.  Record breaking. We live out in the woods south of town, and as has been our practice in the past when it gets dry, we are putting out water and some extra food for the wildlife. The creeks and ponds on our property have dried up, so our lawn is the place to be every day. Early evening is the active time -  happy hour, I suppose.  Baylen suggested that I really needed to take some photos, so today I did.  They are posted below.  Tomorrow, I will try to get pictures of the possum and wood chuck!

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