Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food Safety and Developing Countries

LL.M. Program alumna, Mirriam Kutha recently published an excellent essay in Food Safety News, Why Low-Income Countries Should Care About Food Safety.  In it, Mirriam notes that while food safety is "one of the most ignored areas of policy in low-income countries, especially in Africa" food safety concerns are a threat not only to domestic consumers but involvement in international trade.  There are barriers that are encountered.  Developing and enforcing a food safety system is expensive and requires a significant commitment of resources.  And, food insecurity concerns may cause food safety issues to stay in the background.  Mirriam effectively argues, however, that the development of a food safety regime can actually "[b]oost food safety on a local level, [i]ncrease revenue through international food trade, and [b]olster food security."  It is a thoughtful essay based on additional work she has done in this area.

Mirriam just was awarded her LL.M. degree in Agricultural and Food Law.  She also holds an LL.B. with honors from the University of Malawi.  She holds a Certficate in Growing Solutions to End Hunger from the ONE Campaign and WFP USA.  Her professional experience includes being an Assistant Lecturer in Law at the University of Malawi and a Senior Resident Magistrate Judiciary Malawi.

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