Saturday, October 13, 2012

LL.M Alum Cassie Peters Publishes Report on Local Food System

There is increasing demand for locally grown and raised food throughout the country, and in West Virginia, one of our alumni is working to assist the growing number of farmers and local food businesses working to meet this demand.

Cassie Peters, who received her LL.M. degree in 2012, serves as the Agriculture and Food Policy Manager of the Land Program at Downstream Strategies.  Her work focuses on issues
related to sustainable agricultural methods, local food systems, and urban agriculture. The Land Program offers expertise in land-based issues ranging from rural economies to food systems, with services that include land use planning, food system assessments, and economic and policy analyses for a variety of issues related to agricultural science and policy, energy, and food systems.

Last week, Cassie and her Downstream Strategies co-workers released an important local food system report, West Virginia Food System: Opportunities and Constraints in Local Food Supply Chains.  This report examines the existing local food supply chain infrastructure in the state, including processors, aggregators, distributors, and retail markets. The report includes profiles of local food businesses and a directory of local food resources. The report was produced for West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition and West Virginia Community Development Hub, with funding from the Benedum Foundation and the blue moon fund.  The report will be extremely helpful in West Virginia's developing local food systems and also serve as a helpful model for other states to follow.  We are proud of Cassie's leadership in this emerging area of law and policy.

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