Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank you, Lisa

Six and a half years ago, Lisa Schreurs accepted a position with the School of Law, agreeing to serve as the Administrative Specialist for the LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food Law. Lisa impressed us during the interview process -  she was smart, perceptive, well-organized and well-informed. And, she had a good sense of humor and a quick wit.

Those qualities became even more apparent over the years as Lisa helped us take the LL.M. Program to new heights of professionalism. She often served as the first-contact for people inquiring about the Program. She guided applicants through the admissions process. And, she was sometimes called upon to counsel nervous attorneys from out-of-state who were concerned about a move to Arkansas. "You'll love Northwest Arkansas," she assured them, even if they were moving from Seattle, New York, or Miami. Her slight Minnesota accent made the reassurance all the more believable.

Once LL.M. candidates arrived, it was Lisa who gave them the tour of the Law School and provided them with practical orientation information. From there on, she assisted them solving the administrative glitches that came up and guiding them through the process. She became not only the "go-to" administrative professional, but a friend to all.

Earlier this Spring, Lisa made the decision to return to Minnesota.  Her friends and family members there were thrilled. In the LL.M. Program, we were happy for her, of course.  But, it also made us keenly aware of how much she did to make the Program, our candidates, and our alumni successful.  The dedication and professionalism that she exhibited was a model for us all. She cared about her work, she believed in our mission, and she was instrumental in building the reputation of the Program to what it is today. We will always be grateful.

Last week, we had a going away party for Lisa at the Lambeth Lounge in the Inn at Carnall Hall on campus.  Professor Kathy Sampson took photos for us, and some are posted below.  Thank you, Lisa.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Columbia Daily Tribune Features Martha Dragich

The Columbia Daily Tribune published an article, Living Season to Season and Learning to Love It, featuring one of this year's LL.M. Candidates, Martha Dragich. Martha is the James S. Rollins Professor of Law at University of Missouri – Columbia School of Law, where she will soon be teaching a food law class. Her personal interest in food complements her legal interests in food law perfectly. And, LL.M. candidates and faculty can attest that she is an excellent cook -  meals at her house in Fayetteville were a treat.

The article discusses how Martha's interests in food and food law came about, and it focuses on the concepts of eating locally and eating seasonally. The article also features one of Martha's recipes - for Delicate Carrot & Herb Soup.

Martha will be discussing food-marketing influences, how to read food labels and how to make healthier food-buying choices next Tuesday in the Friends Room at Columbia, Missouri Public Library. This public event is co-sponsored by the Central Missouri Dietetic Association.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Farewell to our Italian Colleague

Bianca Bartalena, a student from the University of Pisa, Italy has been studying with us for the past several months as a visiting scholar.

Bianca received her Bachelor Degree in Law from the University of Pisa, summa cum laude, with a focus on the history of the law and commercial law.  She is in the Masters Degree program in International Law at the University of Pisa, and is focusing on E.U. law, International economic law and agro‐food law.

Bianca was with us to further research on her thesis, Food and Democracy: Citizen Participation in Food Law.  She studied the U.S. local food movement, direct farm marketing initiatives, and food policy councils.  In addition, she attended a number of our classes and special events, and we facilitated a trip to Des Moines to meet with Professor Neil Hamilton and others at the Drake Agricultural Law Center.

Last week, Bianca returned to Italy.  She said good by to us by bringing a delicious Italian pasta dish to class.  We already miss her enthusiasm for learning everything about the American food system. She was a delightful guest, and we look forward to continuing our relationship.  Best wishes, Bianca!