Sunday, March 10, 2013

International Connections - ILEX Trip to Warsaw

LL.M. Professor Christopher Kelley continues his outreach through the International Section of the American Bar Association (ABA). The International Law Section is the ABA entity that focuses on international legal issues and leads in the development of international legal policy, the promotion of the rule of law, and the education of international law practitioners. It's mission includes promoting interest, activity, research and education in international and comparative law and to advance the rule of law in the world.

This year, Professor Kelley was honored to once again be invited to join the Section's International Legal Exchange Program (ILEX) annual Briefing Trip. ILEX was created "under the proposition that a worldwide exchange of ideas and programs will lead to a heightened level of learning and understanding for all." One of the ILEX's activities is to arrange for Briefing Trips for a select number of ABA delegates.  These trips provide participants with a "first-hand knowledge of the legal and judicial systems of the particular host country or region" and "provide a unique opportunity for delegation members to interact with legal, business, and governmental leaders of the countries visited and to develop personal and professional contacts throughout the world." The trips are organized in coordination with the government or bar association of the host country.

This year the ILEX trip includes a visit to Warsaw, Poland. As I write this post, Professor Kelley is attending a Welcome Reception for the ILEX Delegation and representatives of the National Council for Legal Advisers, the National Chambers of Advocates Polish Academy of Science, professors from Warsaw University, the Law Faculty Alumni Association and law students. The reception is being held at Warsaw University.

Monday, the ILEX Delegation will meet with the Polish Ministry of Justice and members of Parliament.  They will then have several hours to meet with Hon. Andrzej Rzeplinski, the President of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, Judges of the Constitutional Tribunal, Judges of the National Supreme Court of Poland, Judges from the National Supreme Administrative Court, lower court Judges, and representatives of the Polish Bar Council. The day concludes with a reception with the Constitutional Tribunal.

On Tuesday, the ILEX delegation will participate in a roundtable discussion on mediation in Poland with representatives from the National Council for Legal Advisors and Ms. Roza Thun, Panel Chair and Member of the European Parliament.

In the afternoon, the delegation will meet with Ambassador Janez Lenarcic, Director of the Office for  Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE/ODIHR).

Thanks in large part to Professor Kelley's outreach, our international connections and opportunities continue to grow.

Professor Kelley currently serves as Chair of the Public International Law Division of the ABA Section of International Law. He previously served three terms as the Co-Chair of the Section's Russia/Eurasia Committee. He also has served as Vice-Chair of the Section's Committee on International Legal Education and Specialist Certification. He was a delegate on the Section's International Legal Exchange (ILEX) briefing trips to Jordan, Lebanon, Australia, and New Zealand.  In the LL.M. Program, he teaches Agriculture & the Environment, Regulated Markets in Agriculture, as well as special seminars.  In the J.D. Program, he teaches Administrative Law, The Rule of Law, International Commercial Arbitration, and Transnational Negotiations.

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