Monday, October 14, 2013

LL.M. Candidate Erin Shirl Publishes on Food Assistance

Last week, I received a request for information about the impact of the government shutdown on women and children who rely on food assistance. The request came from Paula Sinclair, the Director of Programs and Partnerships at the Jewish Women's Archive. Paula is the sister of LL.M. alumna, Amy Lowenthal.

I asked Erin Shirl, an attorney this year's class to research and write a reply.  Erin is already involved in an independent study this semester involving the nutrition programs, so I knew this was an area of expertise.

The information that Erin reported was so important and so well researched, that I asked her to prepare it for the law professor's blog, Agricultural Law.  Erin's post was published at Harsh Reality: The Impact of the Government Shutdown on Food Assistance.  Check it out -  it has been getting excellent reviews and is being widely circulated.

Erin's research was used in an excellent blog post, Poverty and Hunger in the Face of the Government Shutdown by Jordyn Rozensky, Director of Social Media at the Jewish Women's Archive. The post is on the Jewish Women's Archive blog, Jewesses With Attitude.  It includes comments from LL.M. Professor Nicole Civita and an interview with Erin where she discusses her personal connection to this issue.

Erin's bio is as follows:

Erin Shirl is a candidate in the LL.M. Program in Agricultural and Food Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law, where she received her J.D. in 2011; she also holds a B.A. (Political Science/ Russian Language) from Ouachita Baptist University, where she graduated magna cum laude as the Outstanding Graduate in Political Science. Erin is presently working on compiling a comprehensive legislative history of major federal food assistance programs in the United States, and is particularly interested in tracking American attitudes about food security over time. Prior to attending the LL.M. Program, Erin served as a Staff Attorney and Research Coordinator for the National Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform. She is admitted to practice law in the state of Arkansas.

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