Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Alumnus and Candidate Collaboration - Lauren Bernadett Publishes in Fisheries Law Update

The Fisheries Law Centre, founded and directed by LL.M. alumnus Adam Soliman, recently published its Winter 2013 Fisheries Law Update.  The Updates target recent legal activity in the fisheries and aquaculture fields.  This is the second Update published by the Fisheries Law Centre since it was established in May 2013.

Lauren Bernadett, a current LL.M. candidate, contributed two articles to the Winter Update.  Her first article, "Florida Sues Georgia, Local Oyster Industry Caught in the Mix," on the front page of the Update, discusses the lawsuit over water rights that the State of Florida recently filed against the State of Georgia in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lauren's second article in the Update is a case commentary on Drakes Bay Oyster Co. v. Jewell, a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit about the National Park Service's refusal to issue a special use permit that would allow the continued operation of Drakes Bay Oyster Company.  This article is on page ten of the Update.

The Update, including both of Lauren's articles, can be found on the Fisheries Law Centre's Publications page.

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