Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LL.M. Candidate A-dae Romero Publishes News Article

A-dae Romero, a current LL.M. candidate, published an article with Indian Country Today titled Taste of Sovereignty: The Need to Protect Tribal Food Systems.

The news article discusses the history of tribal food systems, food safety, and suggestions for defending cultural food systems.

Concerns regarding the FDA proposed rules affecting farm produce have launched A-dae into a leadership role in research and writing about Native community food interests and ways to protect Native agriculture.  This article is one of a series of recent articles on these complex issues.

We are proud of the work that A-dae has done in this area and encourage all of our students to take a stand on issues that matter to them, regardless of what side of the issue they represent.  We are proud of the leadership she has shown on this controversial issue.

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