Friday, November 8, 2013

LL.M.s Involved with Urban Agriculture City Ordinance Changes

On October 24th, four LL.M. candidates—Jeremy Baker, Kathryn Smith, A-dae Romero, and Lauren Bernadett—attended a meeting discussing current proposals to amend Fayetteville city ordinances related to urban agriculture.  City Councilmember Matthew Petty and Peter Nierengarten, the Director of Sustainability and Strategic Planning for the City of Fayetteville who helped develop the proposed ordinance, led the meeting for Ward 2, the second of four meetings on the topic. 

The proposed changes aim to support community food security by making Fayetteville more friendly to urban agriculture, which is very limited under the current ordinances.  The proposal includes provisions the would allow residents to raise bees and goats (only female dwarf or pygmy goats) on their property.  It would also increase the number of fowl allowed on larger lots in Fayetteville, although roosters are still not permitted under the proposed ordinance.  It also expands residents’ ability to sell food from the site where it is grown.  For example, home sales of agricultural products would be allowed under the rules for garage sales in the city ordinance.  The proposed ordinance would not supersede any existing subdivision covenants. 

LL.M. alumna Nicole Civita, who is now a visiting assistant professor with the LL.M. program, was among a small group of experts and stakeholders who helped develop the proposed revisions to the urban agriculture ordinance.  A-dae also attended an earlier stakeholder meeting about the revisions.

The meeting was held at Tri Cycle Farms, a small sustainable farm near the University campus.  Tri Cycle’s business model is unique in that it sells one-third of the food harvested from the farm, gives one-third to the farm volunteers, and donates one-third to local food pantries and community meals.  The farm’s owner, Don Bennett, led last year’s LL.M. class on a tour of the farm and has graciously invited this year’s class to the same tour in the future. 

We are excited that our LL.M.s were involved with this local urban agriculture initiative and look forward to following the ordinance’s progress.

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