Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Update: Fisheries Law Non-Profit / LL.M. Alum Adam Soliman

Adam Soliman, Director and Founder of the Fisheries Law Centre
Earlier this year, LL.M. alumnus Adam Soliman (‘13) graduated from the LL.M. Program and promptly founded the Fisheries Law Centre (FLC), a non-profit research center based out of Vancouver, Canada.  You can find our earlier blog announcing Adam's formation of FLC here.  We want to update readers on the impressive progress that Adam has made with FLC in the last six months.

Since May, FLC has grown to include a staff attorney, research fellows, and research assistants from all over the world.  Over the summer, Adam published FLC’s first issue of the Fisheries Law Update, a quarterly publication highlighting recent developments in fisheries and seafood regulations.  In a collaboration between current and past LL.M. students, LL.M. candidate Lauren Bernadett (‘14) contributed two articles to the fall issue of the Update.

Lauren also teamed with other FLC contributors to develop and write a legal guide to community supported fisheries in Canada.  The guide will help fishermen and NGOs better understand the benefits and necessary considerations of starting a community supported fishery, a business model that is growing in popularity.

FLC is developing a unique, international model for a summer internship program.  The interns will complete a training program on jurisdiction-specific fisheries law hosted by FLC or a partner university.  Adam is currently discussing an educational partnership agreement for the internship program with two international universities.  After completing the fisheries law training, the intern will be placed with a host NGO that partners with FLC to work on fisheries law projects.  FLC hopes to be able to completely fund this program in the future.

Adam with professors at Dalian Maritime University in China
Adam has been extremely busy on behalf of FLC.  He recently lectured at the University of British Columbia on environmental stewardship and at the University of Hong Kong on seafood fraud.  At the World Seafood Congress in Newfoundland, he presented on the U.N.’s Food and Agricultural Organization’s voluntary guidelines to sustainable, small-scale fisheries and the gap in access to justice for these fisheries.  He also presented on seafood fraud at the Food and Drug Law Institute’s annual conference in Beijing and on fisheries stewardship and access to justice at the BFAR-NFRDI Conference in Manila.

Adam will be equally busy in the future.  He will be presenting at a conference in Hyderabad, at a special session of the Coastal Zones Canada Conference, and at a food law session of the International Food Safety Conference in Hong Kong.  Between these presentations, developing the summer intern program, and FLC's other activities, we are sure that Adam will continue to develop FLC into an impressive new organization. 

Congratulations on your accomplishments to date, Adam, and keep up the good work!

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