Saturday, January 25, 2014

Support for our Friends and Alumni in Ukraine

The University of Arkansas, the Law School, and the LL.M. Program all have strong connections to Ukraine through the excellent students who have come to Fayetteville to study with us, the distinguished visitors we have hosted, the law colleagues we have met through the digital video conference exchanges, and all of the friendships formed.  Our ties at the Law School originated with the work of Professor Kelley in Ukraine as a Fulbright Scholar in 2005, and over the years, our connections have expanded from that base.  We are proud to have an LL.M. alumna who is from Ukraine and who was one of our best international students in the Program.

So, it is with great concern that we watch the events unfolding in Ukraine and worry for the safety of the courageous protestors who seek a more democratic government and closer ties to the European Union.  For those who wish to follow the events in Kyiv, we suggest the following resources.

Live-streaming from Kyiv can be viewed on at

The Kyiv post has a website with continual updates, EuroMaidan.

Recent photos can be found on many websites, including on the Business Insider, with the ominous headline, Kyiv Has Become a War Zone.

We all hope for a peaceful resolution for the people of Ukraine.

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