Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Office of Sustainability Graduate Assistant: Jeremy Baker

It is my pleasure to report on the ongoing collaboration between the University of Arkansas Office of Sustainability and the LL.M. Program.

Enhancing and building upon existing strengths in sustainability is a priority at the University of Arkansas. This commitment was reflected last year in the appointment of nationally recognized agricultural sustainability expert, Marty Matlock, professor of biological and agricultural engineering, to serve full time as Executive Director for the University of Arkansas Office for Sustainability.  Carlos Ochoa serves as Director of the Office of Sustainability.

The LL.M. Program's Food Recovery Project brought us squarely in line with the many sustainability initiatives advanced by the Office of Sustainability on campus.  As a show of support to our project and an effective way to bridge the work of our Program and the work of the Office of Sustainability, Professor Matlock proposed sponsoring a graduate assistantship in the LL.M. Program.  This provides an opportunity to an LL.M. candidate and offers the Office of Sustainability access to the talent and expertise of the attorneys enrolled in the LL.M. Program. It also serves to help us to coordinate our related projects.

Jeremy Baker was selected for this exciting new opportunity.  Jeremy served as the Research Assistant to Professor Lakshman Guruswamy on his manuscript, GLOBAL ENERGY JUSTICE to be published by Foundation Press.

Jeremy received his J.D. from the University of Colorado Law School where he served as the Associate Editor for the Colorado Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Review. He was awarded the Sandgrund Environmental Law Fellowship during the Summer of 2012 and was a Dean's Scholar.  His other legal work while in law school includes clerking, internships and research assistantships with the USDA office in Golden, Colorado; WildEarth Guardians; and, the Natural Resources Law Center.  His note, The Waikato-Tainui Settlement Act: A new High-Water Mark for Natural Resources Co-management, was published in the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law & Policy, 24 COLO. J. INT'L ENVTL. L. & POL'Y 163 (2013).

Jeremy received his B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University.  His additional work experience includes serving as Produce Manager of the Mediterranean Market in Queenstown, New Zealand; as General Manager of Trimet Associates;  as an ESL Instructor in Hiosaki, Japan;  as Lead Underwriter for Jones Lang LaSalle; and as a Financial Analyist for Jones Lang LaSalle.

Jeremy will be working directing with the Office of Sustainability and coordinating work between that Office and our Program, in particular, through the Food Recovery Project.


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