Monday, February 9, 2015

Legal Issues in Indigenous Food & Agriculture

This spring, we're offering a course on the Legal Issues in Indigenous Food & Agriculture. The course is taught primarily by the Director of the Law School's Indigenous Food & Agriculture Initiative, Professor Janie Hipp. The Initiative maintain an excellent blog of their own, and recently posted an in-depth piece on our Legal Issues course. An excerpt from that post is included below. And be sure to keep up with the IFAI by visiting their blog.

For one hour every Friday, we have the privilege of teaching six students about the particularities of food and ag law that apply only in Indian Country.

While the course is designed to give our LL.M. candidates a landscape-level view of the legal issues relevant to excellent future legal practice in this space, we've done our best to ensure that the students understand that this particular legal landscape is not always easily traversed. After a few weeks in the course-- and with the class session on land use, land tenure, and land fractionation happening today-- it's safe to say they've got that part down.

As the course's primary instructor, IFAI Director Janie Hipp is thoroughly enjoying her return to the classroom, with her teaching experience enhanced not only by the years she spent teaching in multiple undergraduate and graduate colleges here at the University, but now informed also by her seven and a half years with USDA. The students are having a great time with her.

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