Wednesday, April 29, 2015

LLM Walmart Externs Receive Food Safety Champion Awards

Each Spring semester, one or two of our LL.M. candidates are selected for an opportunity to extern at Walmart working with the food safety and labeling compliance team.  The opportunity to work inside the world's largest food retailer on safety and labeling issues is a remarkable way to learn food law in practice. This semester Trevor Findley and Christina Rice were the Walmart Externs from our Program.

Our Alumna, Amy White worked closely with Trevor and Christina, involving them in many real-world food labeling and safety issues.  Amy serves as the Food Safety and Health Manager for Labeling Compliance at Walmart, working with internal and external stakeholders to ensure regulatory compliance in food labeling. She works specifically with the labeling of private-label food items sold at Walmart and Sam's Club.  Her position requires complex regulatory analysis and close work with the companies that supply Walmart. An additional part of her position is monitoring legislation, litigation and policy shifts that affect food labeling.  Working with Amy is a fascinating learning experience for our LL.M. candidates.

Senior Associate General Counsel Don Wiseman also mentors our externs. Don is the company's principal subject matter legal expert for food safety and regulatory compliance, as well as consumer product safety and compliance. He has years of experience as a food law attorney. Before joining Walmart, he served as the senior vice president and general counsel of Swift Foods Co. and prior to that position, served as senior vice president and general counsel of Memphis-based Perkins Restaurants.

Christina and Trevor took time away from their final
exams to pose for this picture with their awards.
Through attendance at meetings and conferences, the externs are able to meet many of the professionals at Walmart who work on food safety and labeling issues. They were particularly fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Frank Yiannas, Vice President for Food Safety at Walmart. Dr. Yiannas is a recognized leader in food safety, a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, and author of the book, Food Safety Culture: Creating a Behavior-based Food Safety Management System. He oversees all food safety and public health functions at Walmart. Trevor and Christina had the opportunity to present their work to him and the food safety/labeling team.  Dr. Yiannas honored them with Food Safety Champion Awards for the work they did during their externship.  We are grateful for the opportunity that is provided to our externs, and we are very proud of the work they do. Congratulations, Trevor and Christina.

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