Monday, July 20, 2015

John Oliver Highlights Food Waste and our Food Recovery Guide

Screen shot from Last Week Tonight broadcast 
We were proud to have Nicole Civita, Director of our Food Recovery Project help to provide background information for the recent segment on food waste that appeared on John Oliver's Show, Last Week Tonight.  And, our project, Food Recovery: a Legal Guide, was featured.

Our work on food recovery and the reduction of food waste has been a critical part of our outreach since we received our first grant from the Women's Giving Center to create the Food Recovery Project and produce the Guide.  James Haley was the Food Recovery Project Research Fellow and wrote A Legal Guide to The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.  Affiliated Professor Nicole Civita took over as Director of the Food Recovery Project and produced the guide that Mr. Oliver referenced.  That Guide has now been downloaded nationwide, helping to convince many businesses to donate food rather than discard it.

And, a shout out to our good friend and colleague, Emily Broad Lieb who is interviewed in the Oliver segment, featuring her excellent work with NRDC on the Dating Game: How Confusing Date Labels Lead to Food Waste in America.

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