Friday, August 14, 2015

LL.M. Alum (and author) Mark Cohen: How to Write a Bad Contract

Mark Cohen, one of our LL.M. alumni, is a practicing attorney in Colorado. One of his specialties is legal writing -  good, readable, and clear legal writing -  something that is all to often neglected in contract drafting.  As his law firm's website provides:
My passion is drafting documents and helping clients resolve disputes arising out of documents (or the lack of them). I believe the distinction between litigation and transactional work is often artificial. Business, contract, intellectual property, employment, and real estate litigation are almost always the result of poor drafting, insufficient investigation, or an incomplete negotiation.  I prefer plain English over "Legalese."  Plain English lowers costs, improves productivity, increases credibility, and reduces misunderstandings. . . 
Mark recently published an amusing and very educational satirical article in the Colorado Lawyer, How to Draft A Bad Contract (Aug. 2015). It considers and pokes fun at contract drafting.

The Michigan Bar Journal will be reprinting the article as well.

Last May, Mark was honored by the Colorado State Bar Association for his service on the Editorial Board of The Colorado Lawyer magazine.  See, Alumni Update: Mark Cohen Honored by Colorado State Bar Association (Apr. 20, 2015).  His other publications include two works of fiction, Bluetick Revenge and The Fractal Murders.

Congratulations, Mark. Our alumni are encouraged to send us news from their work so that we can post about their accomplishments!

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