Sunday, August 16, 2015

Urban Agriculture Law & Policy 2015 Course Projects

Our Urban Agriculture Law & Policy course, taught by Nicole Civita, explores the legal issues raised by the rising interest in urban agricultural activities. This course surveys the history, contemporary attributes, and varied benefits of urban cultivation. And, it examines the legal dimensions of urban agricultural production, distribution and marketing.  It involves the study of planning, land use, zoning, and resource management law.  It also considers the potential for urban agricultural activities to support community development and food security and examines the work of local food policy counsels and initiatives.

Urban Agricultural Law & Policy was offered for the first time last Fall semester, and the students enrolled conducted a semester-long study of urban agriculture in a city, neighborhood or metropolitan area of their choosing.  They each conducted a high-level food system assessment, audited existing agricultural and food policies, identified areas for reform and advocacy, and proposed a food action plan that balanced the varied interests in their selected region.

Professor Civita was very impressed with the work of her students and arranged for selected projects to be posted publicly, with student permission.  They are linked below.  We hope that the assessments and policy proposals will inspire urban leaders around the country and across the globe.

Diane MacDonald, Candidate, LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food Law

Anna Dey, Candidate, LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food Law

Maranda White, Candidate, LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food Law

An Oasis in a Food Desert: Revitalizing Food Production and Nutrition in the Salt River Valley
Trevor Findley, LL.M., Agricultural & Food Law

Christina Rice, Candidate, LL.M. Program in Agricultural  Food Law

Tiffany Alvoid, Candidate, LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food Law

Urban Agriculture Law & Policy is offered again this Fall in the LL.M. Program, and we look forward to what interesting projects this year's class will develop.

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