Monday, October 5, 2015

Food Law Firm Graduate Assistant: Satoko Kato

We are proud to announce that the The Food Law Firm, located in Sag Harbor, New York agreed  to sponsor a Graduate Assistantship in the LL.M. Program. LL.M. Candidate Satoko Kato was selected for this honor.

The Food Law Firm was founded by  LL.M. Alumnus Jason Foscolo. After building a successful practice, Jason brought on his new partner, Lauren Handel also an alumni of our Program. LL.M. Program Affiliated Professor Nicole Civita serves as of counsel to the firm. We are delighted with their success and pleased to have another new connection through the GA sponsorship.

Satko is particularly deserving of this special honor.  She holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center where she served on the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal. She holds a B.A. in Law from Sophia University, Tokyo. Satoko is admitted to practice law in New York, most recently serving as Counsel to Shearman & Sterling LLP in New York and Tokyo.  The following excerpt from the Food Law Firm's announcement references some of her many accomplishments.
Satoko Kato has more than ten years of experience working at a top global law firm in New York and Tokyo.  There, she represented multinational corporations in connection with securities offerings, public disclosure and compliance.  She also represented clients in investigations by the Department of Justice in alleged Sherman Act violations. 
An omnivore enthusiastic of good food and drinks, she attended culinary school and interned at a commercial kitchen incubator where she became highly inspired by the energy of food entrepreneurs and the unique food and beverages they are bringing to the market.  In the course of communicating with food entrepreneurs, she felt that there is a market to be served in providing good legal counseling.  She aspires to channel her skills and experience into the food and beverage and agriculture industries.

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