Thursday, October 1, 2015

RUSLEF Fellow Joins LL.M. Program

We are also delighted to announce our first LL.M. fellow sponsored by the Russia-United States Legal Education Foundation (RUSLEF), Ksenia Petrovets joins us from St. Petersburg, Russia.

RUSLEF supports the development of the rule of law in Russia through educational exchange opportunities with U.S. law schools. It was created for the purpose of promoting the study and understanding of law between members of the Russian legal academy and the American Legal Academy.  RUSLEF supports a small number of carefully selected students for fellowships at U.S. law schools. While we have had former RUSLEF fellows attend the LL.M. Program in previous years, Ksenia is the first awarded a fellowship for our Program.

Ksenia holds a Master of Laws from The Law of the World Trade Organization, Saint-Petersburg State University, and a Bachelor of Laws from Saint-Petersburg State University. Her professional experience include serving as Legal Counsel to JSCB Intrust Bank, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Ksenia will join Mark in his work on the School of Laws Global Food & Agriculture International Initiative.

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