Tuesday, November 24, 2015

David Grahn Returns to Teach Popular Course in Policy & the Federal Budget

Last week, we were delighted to once again welcome our good friend and colleague, David Grahn, teaching his fast-paced condensed course in how federal budget rules impact the development of agricultural and food policy. This course has become one of our most popular, and it gives us all a window into the world of Washington policy making.

 David serves at the USDA Office of General Counsel as Associate General Counsel for International Affairs, Food Assistance, and Farm and Rural Programs.  He represents the interests of a wide range of USDA entities: Farm Service Agency, Risk Management Agency / Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Rural Development Agency, Rural Business Service, Rural Utilities Service, Foreign Agricultural Service, the Food and Nutrition Service, and the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

David spent Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday with our LL.M. class explaining complex aspects of policy development, from the crafting of federal law to its implementation by the federal agencies.  Much of the class was devoted to understanding how the federal budget drives policy development and how administrative law can be used strategically to affect policy outcomes.  It was a practical, real-world look at how agencies work, how political goals can best be met, and how money works in Washington.

David is known for his energetic and effective teaching style, and he engages with the class throughout the course, building complexity point by point. As one student noted, "It is truly an amazing opportunity to take this course."

As always, David offered support for our efforts in the LL.M. Program.  His contribution to our Program is invaluable. We are grateful for his support, and our candidates are delighted with the opportunity to learn from him. We were pleased to have two of our distance candidates come to Fayetteville to earn this credit face-to-face, and it was fun to have them with us in person.

A special note that is a testimony to David's professionalism -  in order to avoid any possible conflict of interest or funding issue, David volunteers his time to the Program.

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