Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spring Classes and New Opportunities for Distance Education

In the LL.M. Program, we are continuing our work to expand our curriculum to cover the wide range of new and emerging issues of interest. Spring Semester 2016, we will offer several new classes as well as enhanced versions of some of our prior courses.  The full listing of courses is now posted on the side bar to the right of this post.

We are pleased to welcome a limited number of non-degree students to our classes next semester. Students who are enrolled in a J.D program or a related graduate program or professionals interested in food and agricultural law issues are welcome to apply for enrollment in a specific course.  Space is limited, as our LL.M. candidates remain our top priority and our focus.

For more information, we have developed a flyer that lists the courses available, details regarding the type and format of each course and the cost.  This flyer, 2016 Spring Semester LL.M. Course Offerings Open to J.D. Students is available for download.

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