Sunday, April 24, 2016

Food Safety Advocates Bill Marler & Denis Stearns Teach Food Safety Litigation Class

We were honored to welcome back our friends, visiting professors Bill Marler and Denis Stearns of Marler Clark.

Marler Clark, based in Seattle, Washington and founded by Marler, Stearns, and Bruce Clark is the most prominent foodborne illness litigation firm in the U.S.  They have been active in representing seriously ill victims of food borne illness and the families of those who died of foodborne illness for decades.  In addition, these dedicated attorneys have advocated tirelessly for additional food safety protections, better testing and regulatory protocols, and enhanced food safety education.  Their pro bono work is an inspiration to all in the profession.

For several years, Bill Marler has taught a condensed class for us, discussing his experience with his clients and the litigation he has pursued, and also presenting his views on food safety issues.  In the last two years, Denis Stearns has joined him.  Denis has taught Food Safety and related subjects at Seattle University School of Law and is a recognized food law scholar.  Their combined efforts make for a terrific class.

As has been the case in each of the past years, this year's LL.M. class found the course to be thought-provoking, inspiring, and fascinating, as it mixed law, policy, science, and public heath into two very full days of class time.  We appreciate the dedication that Bill and Denis show to their profession and their willingness to teach in our Program.

Once again, Bill and Denis donated their teaching stipend to a Marler Clark Scholarship to be given to an LL.M. student next year that will write articles for the firm sponsored national news service, Food Safety News.

Thank you, Bill and Denis.

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