Friday, April 22, 2016

Journal of Food Law & Policy

For over a decade, the University of Arkansas School of Law has published the Journal of  Food Law & Policy, the first student-edited law journal focused on food law and policy issues.  We are all proud of the Journal's work.

While the Journal does not have an official connection with the LL.M. Program, a number of the Journal staff have become LL.M. candidates after graduating from law school.  In fact, three of the Editors-in-Chief have gone on to complete their LL.M. degree and are now among our distinguished alumni.  This year's Editor-in-Chief, Kaelin Bowling was just admitted to the Program and will begin his LL.M. studies next Fall. Many LL.M. candidates and alumni have had their articles accepted for Journal publication. And, last year the LL.M. Program co-sponsored a symposium, The Past, Present, and Future of Food Law.  And, Professor Schneider, Director of the LL.M. Program is privileged to serve as an advisor to the Journal.

Last week, we participated in the end of the year banquet for the Journal.  It was a lovely dinner that toasted the success of this year's Journal board and staff -  a truly great group of talented law students. They are pictured below.

At the banquet, the winner of the Dale Bumpers / Arent Fox Food Law & Policy Scholarship Award was announced.  This prestigious award is given to the top student article written by a student editor on the Journal, as determined by the attorneys at the Arent Fox law firm in Washington D.C.  The winning article is published in the Journal next year, and the author receives a $1000 award from the firm.  This year's winner was Jacob Coleman for an article about state law "ag-gag" statutes, and in particular the Idaho statute that was found to be unconstitutional.  Pictured to the right is Editor-in-Chief Kael Bowling (L) giving the award to Jacob (R).  Congratulations, Jacob!

The new editorial board for next year was also announced at the banquet.  They are:

Editor-in-Chief: Emily O'Neal

Executive Editor: Hannah Rucker

Articles Editor: Bo Renner

Managing Editor: Kelly Brown

Note & Comment Editor: Larry Treat

Note & Comment Editor: Caroline Kelley

Note & Comment Editor: Jacob Coleman

Member: Alex Shirley

I look forward to working with these talented law students next year. 

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