Monday, April 25, 2016

LL.M. Candidate Lauren Manning: Millennial Farmer

We were delighted to see Huffington Post's article on the efforts of young people to break into farming, Millennial Farmers Fight An Uphill Battle. It’s Time To Support Them.  Not only do we advocate for beginning farmers, our own LL.M. candidate Lauren Manning was one of the young farmers featured.

LL.M. Candidate Lauren Manning Featured in Huffington Post 

Here's the excerpt about Lauren's work with Ozark Pasture Beef:  
Other young farmers support their agricultural leanings with multiple side jobs, a daily grind that might make your head spin. Since last August, 29-year-old Lauren Manning has been working as a cattle and sheep rancher at Ozark Pasture Beef in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 
In addition to her commitments on the farm, Manning is also pursuing an LL.M. law degree with an agriculture and food law focus at the University of Arkansas and working as an adjunct professor, freelance journalist and an intern with the National Young Farmers Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group. 
Manning’s schedule requires next-level time management. She told HuffPost she works between 80 and 100 hours a week. While grueling, she said the decision between this and a cushier gig at a law office was clear. 
“I have never felt more compelled about something,” Manning said. “There’s a freedom and autonomy to ranching that I appreciate. You are constantly engaging with the land and the animals, manipulating the environment, constantly recalibrating, problem solving and planning. When you succeed, it’s fantastically rewarding — and addicting.”
We're very glad that Lauren has decided to stay in Fayetteville and to take up the challenge of new agriculture. We look forward to continuing to work with her. And yes, indeed, this is the same Lauren Manning that we blogged about a couple weeks ago for winning the International Human Rights Scholarship Award.  One very talented attorney / professor / farmer.

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