Monday, July 11, 2016

LL.M. Candidate Lauren Manning who helped create to be presented to UN today

We're pleased to report that LL.M. Candidate Lauren Manning is in Munich today where she will be presenting an online resource she helped create

The United Nations World Food Program event taking place in Munich on July 11 will focus on identifying technologies and policies that can promote food security in both developing and developed nations. During the LL.M. program, Lauren completed numerous courses that involved an examination of food security, including Right to Food and Business Human Rights. There are many legal issues at the intersection of technology and food security, such as ensuring that contract terms for technology licensing rights are fair to farmers, especially small scale farmers. Also, there are legal issues surrounding privacy rights in the data sector as well as policy-based issues surrounding various farming methodologies, i.e., organic versus conventional. Recently, Lauren was selected as the 2016 winner for George Washington Law School’s 2016 Human Rights Essay award. Her paper explored issues related to food security in the context of extractive mining in Greenland.

We are proud of her many accomplishments.

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