Saturday, September 24, 2016

LL.M. Candidate Brandy McAllister and the Mac Farm

Note from Susan:

We have the most interesting attorneys in the LL.M. Program!

It was my pleasure to speak with distance candidate Brandy McAllister last week. In addition to taking classes toward her LL.M. degree, Brandy serves as Risk Management Services Counsel for the Association of Arkansas Counties in Little Rock, Arkansas. And, she is an attorney for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  She just began the program this Fall, taking classes part-time by distance. 

After Brandy and I discussed her classes and research, our conversation turned to the farming operation that Brandy and her family have started, Mac Farm.  

Brandy reported that they started a homesteading project in February of 2013 with 15 chickens. Their flock is now up to 36 chickens including four roosters and 1 guinea hen.  They also have 3 milk goats, a bill goat and 1 pet pygmy goat.

They have started a small orchard with 8 fruit trees and have a 3200 square foot garden which includes medicinal herbs and perennial fruit plants (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries).

They currently get 15-24 eggs a day from the hens and a little over a half a gallon of milk a day from the goats. They sell the extra eggs and milk and occasionally sell farm-share baskets with extra vegetables from the garden. With careful planning, they are able to do a spring, summer and fall garden, with some plants that even carry over through the winter.  Brandy makes raw milk cheese about once a month with extra milk.

They have created their own brand of body care products, called Skin Snacks - based on the concept that what you put on your body should be just as good as what you eat. They sell mostly to friends and family and occasionally post items for sale at a local online farmer's market. ​

Thanks for telling us about your farm, Brandy. We are delighted to have another new farmer in the LL.M. Program. 

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