Monday, September 5, 2016

New Edition of Food, Farming & Sustainability Published

The second edition of the book Food Farming & Sustainability: Readings in Agricultural Law by Susan Schneider was just released in August 2016 by Carolina Press.

This edition provides a significant update to the first edition, introducing recent agricultural law developments including the 2014 Farm Bill and the 2012 Census of Agriculture, and adding a new chapter devoted specifically to food safety.  Like the first edition, the book uses current events to explore the special treatment of agriculture under the law and seeks to promote constructive dialogue about our food system.

The book has been popular with agricultural law professors across the country and also with those seeking to better understand agricultural law issues.

Professor Schneider was delighted to have this edition feature photos of her farm in Minnesota on the cover - the dairy barn built by her Grandfather in 1920 is on the front and a current shot of a haying operation on the farm is on the back.

The book is supported by a website at that was initially created to supplement the first edition.  Professor Schneider is now updating the website to provide direct access and links to many current agricultural law resources that are cited in the book.

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