Sunday, January 22, 2017

LL.M. Alumnus & Author - Baylen Linnekin - "Biting the Hands That Feed Us"

In September 2016, our alumnus, Baylen Linnekin published the book, Biting the Hands That Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable.  

Published by Island Press, the book describes four broad failings of our current food system relating to food safety regulations, food waste, "big food," and sustainable practices at home.  The book combines personal stories of those in the food system with peer-reviewed legal research. It's a powerful call for "fewer, smarter" food laws.

In December, Biting the Hands That Feed Us was recognized by Civil Eats as one of their "Favorite Food and Farm Books of 2016."  As Kristine Wong described it: 

Laws and regulations are designed to help us, right? When it comes to building a sustainable food movement, that may not always be true. In this provocative book, lawyer Baylen Linnekin makes a case for why U.S. food policy might benefit from a “less is more” approach. He shares examples of how laws have created unnecessary food waste, prevented residents from growing food in home gardens, and overburdened small producers and growers with regulations requiring them to use pricey equipment—instead of less expensive methods that would achieve similar outcomes. Linnekin leaves the reader with guiding principles of how we can transform food policy in a direction that promotes—not inhibits—sustainability.
Baylen has taught food law & policy courses at George Mason University and American University and was the founder of Keep Food Legal.  His editorials have been published by the Boston Globe, the New York Post, Newsweek, Playboy, Reason, Huffington Post and others. He is frequently asked to comment on food issues by the media and is a frequent presenter at food law conferences.  Baylen is also one of the founders of the new Academy of Food Law & Policy, an academic organization of professors teaching and writing in the emerging area of food law & policy.

We wish Baylen continued success in his writing and congratulate him on his work.

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