Tuesday, February 14, 2017

LL.M. Candidate Kael Bowling to publish two articles

LL.M. Candidate Kael Bowling has two upcoming articles that are sure to be of great interest.

The first, "Why Did the Organic Chicken Cross the Road?  To See the Proposed Livestock Welfare Rules in the National Organic Program" - Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Law (Spring 2017) will provide an overview of the USDA's proposed animal welfare rules applicable to the National Organic Program.  Specifically, it explains the current statutory and regulatory structure of organic agriculture in the United States.  Then, it outlines a few common industry arguments opposing the rules.  The piece concludes by addressing the industry arguments, ultimately arguing that the proposed rules are consistent with Congressional intent and agency authority.

"Old MacDonald Had a Right-to-Farm: Putting a Humane Twist on Missouri's Right-to-Farm Amendment" - Drake Journal of Agricultural Law (Summer 2017) article details Missouri's constitutional amendment conferring upon its farmers and ranchers the right to "engage in farming and ranching practices."  It examines the relationship between animal welfare organizations--like the Humane Society of the United States--and farmers.  The events that inspired the RTF amendment are considered in the context of this relationship.  The article ultimately offers a solution to bring farmers and animal welfare groups together when drafting RTF amendments.

Congratulations Kael.

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