Monday, March 13, 2017

Food, Farming & Sustainability: The Website

Last August, Professor Susan Schneider published the 2nd edition of Food Farming & Sustainability: Readings in Agricultural Law. This book is designed as a text book for teaching a law school survey course, but it's also useful as an agricultural law resource.

As promised in the book, Professor Schneider developed a companion website that posts and links to resources that she uses in her teaching.  We are delighted to announce that she just completed a major upgrade to the website.  It's a public site with resources that are free and available to all.  

As reflected in the Notes from the Author, Professor Schneider created the website to supplement Food, Farming, & Sustainability and to provide additional resources for those who use it. It is not designed as a comprehensive clearinghouse of agricultural law materials. There are very few cases, and only a few scholarly articles. Rather, its a repository for some of the foundational resources that are most helpful in exploring the survey of topics within agricultural law. These resources include:
  • Congressional Research Service reports, providing helpful information to introduce and summarize complex agricultural topics; 
  • GAO Reports, providing critical analysis and often criticism of government activities;​
  • Agency reports, especially USDA ERS reports, providing key research and analysis from an agency perspective. 
In addition, the website provides links to that are helpful in updating and expanding the coverage.  

Please check it out.  And yes, you will see some photos' from Professor Schneider's family farm in Minnesota and some familiar faces from our classrooms. -  or go directly to Legal Resources

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