Monday, April 10, 2017

Legal Issues in Agricultural Land Tenure with Neil Hamilton

Professor Neil Hamilton returns to Fayetteville to teach a intensive short course on Agricultural Land Tenure

Last week, we were pleased to offer a new course in Agricultural Land Tenure developed and taught by Neil Hamilton, Emeritus Director of the Agricultural Law Center and Emeritus Professor of Law at Drake University Law School.

This intensive 2.5 day one credit course focuses on the role landownership and use plays in the operation of American agriculture. The course examines the history of federal land policy in the U.S. such as the Homestead Act and other land grants in forming our land ownership structure and will examine the current reality of land tenure in the U.S. , looking at who owns farmland and in what legal structures. 

Professor Hamilton is nationally recognized as a leader not only in agricultural law but sustainable agriculture. His current work focuses on the critical land tenure issues facing agriculture, and he designed a course for us on that topic. With the aging of American farmers and the amount of land in the control of non-farmers, who owns farmland and how it is farmed (in terms of sustainability) are big questions to address.

Our thanks to Professor Hamilton!

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