Saturday, September 23, 2017

If Nutritional Value of Food Decreases ...

Does the value of your LL.M. increase?

If you haven't read the Politico article on "The Great Nutritional Collapse" that is making the rounds, do make time to read it.

Not only is this article making the rounds on multiple online forums and other media outlets, it is also the topic of discussion in many of our LL.M. classes here in Fayetteville—from The Right to Food to Policy to Environment to Food, Farming and Sustainability. This article has it all going on (and its length underscores that point).

It is authored by Helena Bottemiller Evich, a senior food and agriculture reporter for Politico Pro. Its basic premise is that due to increased levels of atmospheric CO2, plants are growing faster. But they are producing lower quality, less nutritious food.

At a minimum, the findings are an invitation for continued exploration on long-term impacts on both our food supply and human health. And, the debate continues: is it better to produce more food, cheaper and faster? Or, is it better to focus on higher nutritional value?

The only certainty is that the complexity of the food & agriculture industry is not decreasing, and neither is the value of an LL.M. degree in Agricultural and Food Law.

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