Thursday, September 14, 2017

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

How Our National Pastime United Students and Alums

For five years, Jose Ernesto Colon Villafañe, dreamed of attending the LL.M. program. This year, his dream became a reality. Through persistence and a series of fortunate events, including receipt of the Benjamin Franklin Lever Fellowship, he traveled to Fayetteville from San Juan, Puerto Rico—notebook in hand, and ready to learn.

Jose Ernesto enjoys being part of the LL.M. program and also enjoys his internship with The Law Group of Northwest Arkansas, LLP. The Law Group includes three LLM program alums: K.C. Dupps Tucker, Katie Willoughby and Kristy Boehler. Experiencing the practical application of agricultural law is one perk of working with the firm. Another is baseball tickets.

Courtesy of The Law Group, Jose Ernesto treated LL.M. colleagues Andrei Trapizonian and Susan Burns to a Northwest Naturals game at the Arvest Stadium.  Attending a baseball game was a first for Andrei, a native of Kyiv, Ukraine. For Susan, from Minneapolis (home of the Minnesota Twins), it was an opportunity to explain the rules of the game—a rare opportunity given that her understanding doesn’t extend much past the basics.

They all enjoyed the great view close to home plate, and they decided that a commonality between agriculture and baseball is the pace of crop growth and the pace of the game. The Naturals lost, but it was a welcomed opportunity to enjoy a beautiful evening far away from studies …

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