Sunday, October 8, 2017

Journal of Food Law & Policy: Call for Papers on the Farm Bill

The University of Arkansas School of Law is proud to support the JD student-edited publication, the Journal of Food Law & Policy. The LL.M. Program is delighted to assist as needed, and I am privileged to serve as one of the advisors to the Journal.

The Journal of Food Law & Policy has long been recognized as a leader in publishing articles and essays on food law and its impact on society. Since 2005, the Journal has led the nation in recognizing the significance of studying the legal framework of our food system.

Last Spring, the Journal published a special issue, Food Law & Policy in the Trump Era, with far reaching essays from across the country.  The success of this issue has led to another call for papers for the Spring 2018 publication. We pleased to publicize this call for Phillip Treat, Editor in Chief, Journal of Food Law & Policy.

Call for Articles and Essays:
The 2018 Farm Bill and Food Policy

The Farm Bill, an omnibus, multi-year law provides the framework for many aspects of our food system, including farm subsidies, food assistance programs, and food and agricultural research funding.  The current farm bill, the Agricultural Act of 2014, expires in 2018.  Congress has already begun the process of crafting a new farm bill.

The Journal of Food Law & Policy invites articles and essays examining the forthcoming 2018 Farm Bill for publication in the Spring 2018 issue of the Journal.  Submissions should provide analysis, propose initiatives, and/or express commentary on the implications of this approaching legislation. Essays (2,500 words or less preferred) or articles (25,000 words or less preferred) are encouraged.

We welcome submissions from academics of all disciplines, as well as practitioners, policymakers, and advocates.  Interested individuals should submit proposals with an abstract of 100 to 250 words and a short biography to no later than November 6th.  If selected, final manuscripts will be due on January 26th.

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